we read the smallprint


Some of the weasel words to watch out for in mobile contracts include:
  • automatic rollover - if you forget to stop the contact it carries on for another year - or longer!
  • hard to hit notice clauses - your chance to give notice to end the contract must be given within a highly proscribed timetable - or you're stuck with the supplier again. And the price has probably gone up.
  • price rises - you can get stung for price rises during the contract and yet be stuck with the supplier
  • unexpected contract changes - you get new contract terms foisted upon you, perhaps because of some 'change' of circumstances - or just because the supplier can!
  • unexpected ending of supply - even though you have a contract, the supplier stops supplying you because his price has gone up
Mobile charges are progressively rising across the board - strangely all with similar charges and increases. Isn't that a symptom of a monopoly? Oh, just me then.
We are only happy to support suppliers who agree:
  • no automatic rollover unless on the same tariff, or the lowest tariff
  • notice can be given at any time after the initial contract period - even after any rollover
  • no price rise during any agreed contractual period
  • no changes in other contract terms without reasonable notice, and you can terminate if you don't like them
  • to continue to supply you as agreed for the contract duration
  • contracts in clear English

The following suppliers have agreed to these terms for smallprintbrian referrals. Registered business users will see details here.

Please be sure to read all your contracts - seek advice if in doubt. It could save you heartache and cash! We recommend

Remember - you'll almost always loose your supplier if it goes bust, whatever your contract says!