we read the smallprint


Some of the weasel words to watch out for in gas contracts include:
  • automatic rollover - if you forget to stop the contact it carries on for another year - or longer!
  • hard to hit notice clauses - your chance to give notice to end the contract must be given within a highly proscribed timetable - or you're stuck with the supplier again. And the price has probably gone up.
  • price rises - you can get stung for price rises during the contract and yet be stuck with the supplier
  • unexpected contract changes - you get new contract terms foisted upon you, perhaps because of some 'change' of circumstances - or just because the supplier can!
  • unexpected ending of supply - even though you have a contract, the supplier stops supplying you because his price has gone up
Sometimes it's easier to contract for both gas and electricty from the same supplier. Many of our comments apply to both utilities so be sure to read both sets!
We are only happy to support suppliers who comply with the smallprintbrian principles:

  • you can give reasonable notice to terminate at any time after your initial contract period - even after any rollover starts
  • there is no unbreakable rollover period so you can change rate or supplier after a rollover starts
  • there is a clear tariff and no price rise during any agreed contractual period
  • no changes in other contract terms without reasonable notice, and you can terminate if you don't like them
  • to continue to supply you as agreed for the contract duration
  • contracts in plain English

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Please be sure to read all your contracts - seek advice if in doubt. It could save you heartache and cash! We recommend

Remember - you'll almost always lose your supplier if it goes bust, whatever your contract says!

Gas Clauses

Here's some small print we read earlier - feel free to send us yours!

Note: If you miss a notice period with Total Gas and Power you are tied in for another year. We do not like rollover contracts.Watch out for higher rates.

  • Micro Businesses note 'The Supply Period will be extended after the cotract period ends for successive one year periods unless either party gives the other at least 90 days notice before the end of the initial Supply Period or the end of each such extended period.' (Clause 5 Standard Terms - F o r m 3. 2 0 (32))

This is a little bit of background about the supplier

  • Check out the Deemed Contract gas prices if you forget to agree another rate or move elsewhere. That reference to Feb 2016 is probably a typo - unless they're trying to backdate the rate. Nah!
  • NPower are the only supplier we've found with all their rates and T's & C's in one place here. Nice.

This is a little bit of background about the supplier